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Question : Which of the following is not characteristic of the animal kingdom?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following is not characteristic of the animal kingdom?

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Multicellularity, cells form tissues and organsExclusive reliance on sexual reproductionMotility at some stage of the life cycle Embryonic development during the life cycle

Answer :
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Exclusive reliance on sexual reproduction


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hello the question statement is which of the following is not a characteristic of the animal kingdom a Jaaye multicellularity form tissue and organ this exclusive Reliance on sexual reproduction when she says motility at some stages of a circle is a development during the life cycle of animal kingdom animalia Tok of so they are these organisms and multicellular multicellular forms and then they have various level of organisation like they have cellular level of organisation then we have tissue level of organisation and an organ and organ system of level of organisation this way

can see that option over here is is a characteristic of contact and not correct because the animals they are multicellular and over their cells from tissues and then tissues in multicellular and we can say that they are made up of more than one type of cells and those cells are organised in tissues in multicellular animals are multicellular and they are made up of more than one type of and they have an organisation of to have an organisation or organisation tissues and organs from various important function if we look at the options

this is not the characteristic of animals and hence the right answer to our question that the it says that exclusive Reliance on sexual reproduction that means the only reproduce this is not correct the meaning of statement that the only reproduce sexually and we can see that it is totally incorrect because we have certain lower animals also the lower animals download finance like we have the Phylum porifera then porifera then I'll I'm Illustrator and peripheral undergo a sexual reproduction they reproduce asexually as well they have a sexual reproduction for example when

camera polyfins they reproduce by game you'll formation or gemmulation that is the kind of internal budding internal budding talent right there like Hai accident it's like Hydra and all we know they reproduce by budding budding and both of these the ammunition and the both are the type of a 12 reproduction means only single parent is involved in sexual reproduction news on the single parent will be involved and there will be no gamete formation and fusion never been no gamete formation and if they are not form to will not be optional

where is incorrect because it's a totally a Reliance on sexual reproduction and hence this is only the right lets your other options available option C is again a feature of an answer that se motility at some stages of life cycle it is mostly correct only from lower animals like their country that is most of them they have they are the various Peters necklace then all for their locomotion of the animals they are capable of movement at some point of their life cycle animals are capable of both animals that are capable of both movement and locomotion at least some stages of

life over there we can see that statement is incorrect last name in correct the statement is correct and got the answer because we have to go to the option which is not a feature of animal and that it is a feature of animal is a feature of animal and then not answered that in embryonic development during the life cycle so we can see that animal that annotations of the adults we have the embryonic germ layers embryonic germinal layer data endoderm mesoderm and then these are made up of stem cells that means that the cells of these

capable of forming all type of tissue in the animal body almost all type of issues in in animals body three germinal layers and then all the embryonic stages in case of animal again the characteristic of animal or not this answer to this question the right answer is going to be option B is exclusive Reliance on sexual reproduction of this answer the question

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QuestionWhich of the following is not characteristic of the animal kingdom?
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