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Which of the following family does the plant tobacco belongs to?


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The correct Answer is A


hello students question uses which of the following family that the plant bacchon belongs to savinay to find out the family of the plant tobacco so here we see that this family is solanaceae that is a Potato family to which the tobacco plant belong where as leguminosae is the family which contains all legume suggest P G been her and others right Supreme Datia family know the tobacco does not belong to this ride it belongs to the Lily family isliye see if hasley family in which there are other plants such as Tulip call seen as paragus gloriosa so while you talk about this Potato family that is solanaceae family Dekho is one of the examples of this family along with this there are other plants also and we need to find out at least so here we see potato tomato
brinjal these are the vegetables which are found in this plant then we have medicine such as belladonna ashvgandha ashvgandha is used as a medicinal medicine for ayurvedic medicines fumigatory that is tobacco and ornamental plants such as Petunia all these plants are included under the family solanaceae along with tobacco so here we can mark option number 1 as a right answer this question this is all about this query thank you


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