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Class 12






Mock Test 29 Zoology


which of the following event i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: which of the following event is/are included in fast block to prevent polyspermy?

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Text Solution

zona reactionsdepolarization of ovum membranecortical reactionclosing of Na^+ chanels of the ovum membrane

Answer : B


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Chapter NameMock Test 29 Zoology
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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the question is which of the following event is included in fast block to prevent polyspermy first PLC the methods of preventing polyspermy to polyspermy is basically prevented by Sumit wine is known as the first block method and the other one is the Floor Block method in past block method there is an electrical barrier which is used electrical barrier use where as in case of a mechanical barrier and in the first floor polyspermy what do we do we change the ionic concentration of the eggs to that is greatly differs from that of its surrounding in pass block method

ionic concentration ok tag differs from that of the surrounding and this is achieved by changing the electric potential of the plasma membrane changing the electric potential of egg plasma membrane and this membrane provides a selective barrier between the cytoplasm and outside environment so that the sperm can enter and selective barrier is established between

the egg and the outside environment hence we have the final answer which of the following event is or are included in fast to prevent polyspermy design depolarization of over membrane and the closing of any + channels of the ovum membrane has to change the electric potential and change the Ion concentration of its surrounding


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