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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 83


Which of the following drug is...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following drug is obtained from the plant of genus Erythroxylum ?

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Text Solution

MarijuanaHashish HeroinCocaine

Answer : D

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Question Details till 09/08/2022

Chapter NameNta Neet Set 83
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
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Question Video Duration2m6s


hello student the question is CS for which of the following drug is obtained from the plant of Jesus genius riddles album so the full name of the plant from which cocaine is obtained is through xylem cooker Dedh from these plants are called as cooker alkaloids while this plant is a native to the South America where are the Other Drugs which are given in this question they are all belonging did they are they all belong to the group cannabinoids and cannabinoids are obtained from Cannabis sativa where are the right answer this question of becomes option number 4 so here we see that cooker cooking is a coca alkaloid and it is obtained from the leaves of a plant a South American plant growing on the foothills of address and its chemical formula is C 17

2104 Coke is commonly called as Coke crack or snap is also called as no wild PC is action it is a powerful CNS stimulant it gives a sense of well-being and delays between so it's activates the central nervous system that is a stimulant taken by snorting Maut aur injected or inhaled also it causes lack of sleep loss of appetite and its overdose can cause headache convergence Insomnia respiratory or cardiac failure and may even lead to mental disorder one of the most important reactions of Coca alkaloids are that they are hallucination hallucinogens so they can cause hallucinations it may be auditory or visual hallucinations now we can see

option of a 4 year become the right answer this question this is all about this query thank you

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