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Class 12






Biotechnology And Its Applications


Which is not true w.r.t transg...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Which is not true w.r.t transgenic animals and their contribution to human welfare?

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Transgenic mice are being tested to ensure safety of polio vaciineRosie's milk contained human gene-insulinTransgenic cows produce milk with less fat Transgenic sheep grow more wool

Answer : B

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Chapter NameBiotechnology And Its Applications
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is that which is not true with respect to a transgenic animals and their contribution to be human welfare effect of the transgenic animals with these are the animals are the order in which the foreign ji has been inserted with the insertion of the feed for engineer there is the alteration in the genome of the wild species here and with the expression particular change 2014 will be expressed here so we will see the desired with diet or we can get the desired product from that particular organic now we'll look at the option of the force is a transgenic mice are able to been tested to ensure the safety of the Polio vaccine yes they are used as model organism Here they have been treated so that the alteration of the warmest year in order to check we ensure that the Polio vaccine is quite se Furious is the true statement then taking is that using milk

human system from here right because Roosevelt it is the one which is higher in the protein content right it has and rich protein content because of teaching human alpha-lactalbumin here right and we can see that here we are concerned with the gene insulin human insulin or the artificial insulin is produced the help of the people here not be Rozy 3rd Sesa the transgenic crop producing milk with less fat yes is also referred to here because what we do is we Alter The jio and necklace covid-19 change it back in the militia how we can get the desired result last transgenic sheep grow more food from what we Desire is to be desired only Bhul and with alteration of the genome we will add or we will Express sijan more years that more will be produced of the higher quality

this is also right

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - AAKASH INSTITUTE ENGLISH Class 12 BIOLOGY

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