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Animal Kingdom


Which is not correct for spong...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which is not correct for sponges?

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Internal fertilisation External fertilisation Gemmule formation Gametes are formed from epidermal cells

Solution : In sponges, sexes are not separate (hermaphrodite), i.e., eggs and sperms are produced by the same individuals. Sperms leave one sponge and enter another with water current to fertilise the ova (eggs) in situ. Thus, fertilisation is internal.

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Chapter NameAnimal Kingdom
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this question where as that which is not correct for sponge rights were basically every discuss the first option which suggests that the option 1st internal fertilization basically we talk about this point they are from died right there are basically hermaphrodite that means that both male and female right both male and female gametes write both male and female gametes they are basically produced by the individual write the produced by the same individual rights of fertilization is internal as the sperm and ovum gets used inside the body of this point we can say that option one is correct for the sponge essay in them the internal fertilization is same then external fertilization cannot occur as they are

Pharma products store in them basically the fertilization cannot be external as 15000 hermaphrodite rights or not correct a for respondents in internal fertilization and external is not possible to this could be a correct answer your but let's look at the other options are next is regional formation rules are basically that these they are basically the a sexual right is RD reproductive bodies that are formed by the endogenous budding in all freshwater and some Marine sponges right so we can say that this cannot be also correct answer the last one is that give me some formed from epidermal cells right so basically in sponge is the gametes are formed from the

archaeocytes Sahitya formed from the it right from the sides and not from the epidermal cells right so basically the ARC and differentiated embryonic amoebocytes that with blunt pseudopodia the show the totipotency right that basically the cells totipotent cells are basically said that have the ability to to basically Re generates basically the whole organism can be produced these cells are found in the reason time which is the which is the interconnecting proteinaceous matrix between the outer in a body wall layers of the sponge rights we can simply say that it is the external fertilization is not correct about this point the correct answer is option to write

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