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Biological Classification


Which is not correct for fungi...

Which is not correct for fungi belonging to the class deuteromycetes ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which is not correct for fungi belonging to the class deuteromycetes ?


Text Solution

Commonly called imperfect fungiReproduce only by asexual sporesIncludes only parasitic fungiMycelium is septate and branched

Answer : C


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Which is not correct for fungi belonging to the class deuteromycetes ?
Chapter NameBiological Classification
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hello everybody the question is which is not correct for Punjab belonging to the class deuteromycetes to let you know these are also known as I'm perfect Punjab why they belong to plaster my cities are known as in perfect because the full form of the Anthony they don't fit into the taxonomic classification which is based on the sexual reproduction take me to sky not coming that one reproduce only by a special force the fun they belong to plastic romantic is belong link to this will produce only by the east coast that is the Koni

Koni Koni Koni Diya is sexual spores and reproduce by this Asexual Reproduction only now coming to next want it included parasitic Panchayat let's see what are the Punjab belonging to reproduce the members of classroom Aisa 30 the can be prepared aur Paris city they can be decomposers that mean on the dead and decaying matter which help me recycling of email example also like trichoderma so we can see here like the belonging to the class to my cities include not only parasitic but also saprophytes and

decomposers so this statement is not correct ITI instructor Din Gracias a mycelium is branched and it is so mycelium Shakti Peeth and it is branch shows so you can see that this statement is also correct so which statement is not correct of Punjab belong to the class to messages that is it includes only flute thank you


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