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Class 12






Biotechnology And Its Applications


Which gene controls transcript...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Which gene controls transcription of chain A and chain B required for humulin synthesis in E. coli?

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Text Solution

`beta`-lactamase `beta`-galactosidase Poly galacturonase Chitinase

Answer : B

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Chapter NameBiotechnology And Its Applications
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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which can control the construction of a and chain be required for the human senses Hindi equalizers equalization area Kalai bacteria here which is used tractors and humour link here we're talking about the human insulin price in for this production we need the enzyme which is beta-galactosidase Chakraborty Equaliser in Akola we have the lack of drone Operon it is known as a collection of the year and the show Association with each other and in the Operon we have two different structural gene right we have this structural genes is z d y and the a year and then we have the promoter then we have the operator ji and then we have the repressor ji right now in case of the synthesis of the human and synthesis here this is it is the one which is coding the enzyme beta

site engineer it will code for the Mr any here for CMR any of the gene will be found in the protein will be synthesized from their respective Mr enough for now sure whether this a while doing it is present your in in spite of this there is itching inserted for the incident here here is the insulation installation of the insulin gene and when does a transcription of 6 beta galactosidase only then after this the insulin gene will be transcribed your then the incident protein will be for this is how the human insulin is synthesized in a artificial manner so beta-lactam is it was a political F2 Uranus and not even The Kite Runner

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