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Class 12






Structural Organisation In Animals


Which feature and organs of th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which feature and organs of the digestive system of earthworms are related to their diet?

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Solution : Earthworms eat decomposing organic material and small organisms ingested together with soil particles. The digestive tract of earthworms has special structures, including a muscular wall and a gizzard, which triturate the food and scratch it against the ingested soil particles. Since annelid digestion is exclusively extracellular, at the end of their digestive system, earthworms also contain structures such as the cecum and the typhlosole, which have the function of increasing the absorption surface of the intestine.

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Chapter NameStructural Organisation In Animals
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question heros name which feature and organ of the digestive system of the earthworms are related to their diet so here in this question we have to find the name of the organ that are associated with the digestion of food in case of the earthworm and their features also can we talking about the earthworm we know that it is this while developing organism and can say that it is the detective organism which mean it read only it we don't decomposed organic material composed organic material that present in the soil apart from this it also read only small organism that present in the ok the present in so when we talking about the digestion system digestive system of the earthworm we know that

contains it contains complete alimentary canal complete elementary cannot know what is a complete alimentary canal so it means that the earthworm digestion starts with the mouth and ends with T and S so when to taken from the it goes into the oesophagus in from the ocean figure it pass into the desert ok so this will give your Disney muscular structure that present in the cockroach party digestion purpose hear the main function is be to grind the put ok how to grind food so users having some strong muscular contraction ok have some strong muscular contractions and due to this muscular strong muscular contractions along with the help

some minerals ok some Minerals and these minerals are acquires aur ingested along with the food with the help of his muscular contraction they gandi food ok and from here the food when was going to be interest anal region of intestine reason of D cockroach and intestinal reason runs from the segment 15272 the last segment and just give me a reason of the Cockroach is present at the eighth segment so in the interest anal region there is a structure present that cold as the caecum intestinal se kam ok intestine CK and this interest analysis

please important role in the formation of the increasing the increasing the surface area of surface area of the intestine for the absorption of the foot of a tower absorption of the port apart from this industrial region contains the region ok diplo Sona vision here and it was all the reason work as a same it also provide the surface area Audi absorption purpose ok it also provide us area code absorption so this is how the food is digested digested in the earthworm and deserves some organs that are related with the digestion of the earth but thank you

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