Question : Where are alary muscles present?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Where are alary muscles present?

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Solution :
Attached to the diaphragm.


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hello students electric the question there are any muscles present ok asking about this alary muscles which are commonly found in insects specially in Cockroaches just and these alary muscles Allari muscle this salary was basically a series of small muscle it is the series of small muscles and the series of small muscles are basically found and pericardial was of insect it is commonly present in the pericardial of insect and contraction of these help of blood in the right direction of the pericardial cavity so basically they helped in the movement of Blood On The circulation of blood we can say that help in the circulation of blood

blood into the heart of the present in the pericardial Wall of insect muscles

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QuestionWhere are alary muscles present?
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