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Microbes In Human Welfare


When yeast ferments glucose, t...

When yeast ferments glucose, the products are:

Video Solution: When yeast ferments glucose, the products are:

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`H_2O+CO_2`methanol and water methanol and `CO_2 ` ethanol and `CO_2`

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QuestionWhen yeast ferments glucose, the products are:
Chapter NameMicrobes In Human Welfare
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remote show hit question is when is for men's glucose the products are what so what is fermentation first fermentation is the process generally and oxidation process that is done by certain species of bacteria and fungi like the east of all types of fermentation the basement for medicine is the alcoholic fermentation the alcoholic fermentation and disease done by the east if we write the chemical reaction of the alcoholic fermentation will be something like this so here to glucose is fermented that is C6 h12 o6 it is permitted by the east and produces two C2

5age disease the ethanol the ethanol + to carbon dioxide + energy energy add the sugar molecule the sugar molecule is broken down by the east or by fermentation and it produces two molecules of ethanal ethanal and two molecules of carbon dioxide and some energy so here the answer will be Queen East for men's glucose the products are ethanal ethanal and carbon dioxide with our answer