Question : What measures, as an individual, would you take to reduce environmental pollution?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: What measures, as an individual, would you take to reduce environmental pollution?

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Solution :
There are several measures that can be taken to reduce environmental pollution. For example, (a) by reducing the use of nonbiodegradable and (b) promoting the use of recycled articles, (c) generating least wastes, (d) planting more trees, (e) reducing vehicular pollution, (f) conservation of water, using alternative sources of energy, (g) using organic manure instead of fertilisers, (h) use of biopesticides instead of chemical sprays, and (i) keeping the surrounding clean, etc.


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hello students have a look at the question question is weight measure as an individual would you take to reduce the environmental pollution so as we all know environment is getting polluted day by day and it dramatically increasing and limiting its actual capabilities and one should take every bit of their own to preserve the environment for sustainable development for healthy and the food healthy life one should do every bit so there's that in measures that one can adopt as the individual first one is reforestation and afforestation means it is the planting of more and more trees to that is one of the easiest and the common way that is to receive the environment from the pollution its not only save the environment is not only a factor Physical health it definitely effective mental health also it gives a sense

positivity sense of living sense of gratitude towards the nature so one should follow the reforestation and other practices one should get a dog that is of the practice of first of all to reduce the consumption of energy source it is reduced to that level which can be required it's not like we are having money and if you are having everything we can take the excessive use of dietary sources its reduced to the minimal level as that only when it is required then reduced after that recycling so after that also recycling this to be the common practice for everyone to show the Limited amount of resources been being used so this is a reduce recycle and reuse next practice one can follow is the guy should use the public transport more and more to a

vehicle pollution and moreover in public transport if someone is using their own vehicle to eco friendly fuel that is the engine is being used eco friendly fuel and 20 Dollar simple method it doesn't require any specific need to follow this is just a normal day to day practices just by changing their lifestyle at a very mind reader can change the the can reduce environmental pollution at the drastic level next is the use of the renewable resources renewable sources and maximum and Limited use of I am not saying it don't use a non renewable sources because these are also necessity and indicate in the integral part of life but we can at least Limited Limited use of renewable or nonrenewable sources there should be a very limited renewable source

this is the another major common practices next is I'm burning crackers during the festivals like Diwali that not only impact the environment it also impact the pet health also so one should avoid that and another practices which we can follow is the use of catalytic converters and the other these should be segregated into the biodegradable and nonbiodegradable at home we can easily of this practice to just segregate the waste biodegradable biodegradable and nonbiodegradable so all these are the common practices which one can follow at the home to preserve and to reduce the environmental pollution because every contribution matters and the this because of their own B contribution we can save earth pollution we can say next generation

we can see if we can make a better word so hope you get it thank you

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QuestionWhat measures, as an individual, would you take to reduce environmental pollution?
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