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Class 12






Human Health And Disease


What is the source of LSD? Wha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What is the source of LSD? What harms does it cause?

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Text Solution

Solution : Ergot fungus: Claviceps purpurea, It damages CNS, causes chromosomal and foetal abnormalities.


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Chapter NameHuman Health And Disease
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students America the question question is what is the source of LSD and what harm does it cause so here we will see the lst allergy it is also called as a lie surgic acid diethyl diethylamide it's a drug is a powerful drug which is being used it less surgic acid Acetic Acid dye ethyl Bromide that is LSD it is a it is a crystalline alkaloid its line alkaloid obtained from the obtained from the dried fruit in bodies of the right dried fruiting bodies obtained from dried fruit bodies of the

fungus from the fungus that is scientific name of that fungal is the claviceps purpurea claviceps purpurea it is obtained from the dried fruit in Body of this fungus that is called as a claviceps purpurea in the question was what is the so so we can say that this is the source of the acid auto sorry else is not LCD and less that is a serger casset I will now here we will see the harmful effect of the LSD on the body full effect due to its harmful effects is addictive deserve first of all its it causes the addiction it is a very addictive drug to that's why it is banned in the menu of the country's is it causes the addiction it causes the path

full hallucination it causes the powerful hallucination powerful hallucination means a person can't differentiate between the reality and imagination the perceptions of the person stay in his own words so that's why it the hallucination occur to the person and the person Imagine by himself so they want to differentiate between the reality and the imagination it Alter The census it Alter The Census of the body it alter the senses of the body by affecting the cerebral by a factor of cerebrum and the other sense organ by effective cerebrahm and the other sense organs do it means if the chances of the person is lost so we can well imagine how the person will be the acting and how it will be the behaving so this is one of the major harmful effect of the

LSD it causes a addiction regular use may lead to the addiction to the people and people become addicted to this drug and powerful hallucination no differentiation between reality and the imagination the altar census this is about the regarding the question hope you get it thank you


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