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Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants


What is the significance of d...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What is the significance of double fertilisation?

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Solution : As a result of double fertilisation a diploid zygote (2n) and a triploid endosperm (3n) nucleus are formed. The former develops into embryo and latter forms endosperm.

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Chapter NameSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello friends so the question is what is the significance of double fertilization is going to find out the significance of double fertilization should see so first of all if you talk about double fertilization show double fertilization involves it involves fusion of one female gamete it involves fusion of one female gamete with two male gamete which is 1 Mil Ke meet Sudheer 1 male gamete fuses with the egg to

produce zygote and the other male gamete out of the two it was with two polar nuclei it produce primary endosperm nucleus sweet produce primary endosperm nucleus or in short it is known as PN so this is double fertilization know if you talk about the significant show significance of double fertilization it is that the zygote formed Sudheer got formed it develop into this I would develop into a

wild the PN of the primary endosperm nucleus formed here it develop into it develops into endosperm and because of double fertilization energy conservation energy conservation is also part of its significance so that all the explanation to this question thank you

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