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Class 7






Plant Life


What is the role of stomata, c...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What is the role of stomata, chlorophyll and sunlight in photosynthesis?

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 7 exams.

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Chapter NamePlant Life
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone so here is the question question se the role of the stomata chlorophyll and sunlight in the photo photo now there is a leaf so will certainly some of the leaves shows are the presence of the two Bean shaped structure of cells and B cells are polishing corpses along with these bean-shaped accessories cells are present licences or right and in these being shaped cells are present and is Ecology chloro class this Bean shaped structure search has opening which is called as matter matter matter in the gaseous exchange exchange exchange that carbon dioxide and oxygen now

microscopic structure of digital strategy chloroplast and chlorophyll and chloroplast are you know it is a double membrane structure it is a double membrane structure the matrix of the chloroplast is called as this over Prasanth all this over that a skilled in this chloroplast now we have thylakoid range in structure and that will be formed like called out gana with wildlife structure will be called as a grana and that each unit will be called as the dialler ok share their attached via this is the membrane Tata form C arrange life now and Islam Allah Ande thylakoid the enzymes for be the enzyme for the light reaction is present in Science for the

light reaction of photosynthesis present + dark reaction light + dark reaction light reaction Where are dark reaction in this summer the dark reaction take place in the stroma of chloroplast and the enzymes for the dark reactions are present in the stroma is also consists of the two photo system that is PS1 and PS2 system PS1 and PS2 photo what is the role to explain the role of Sunlight and approaches as the sun approaches because of this what will happen if translation process will occur because of the transpiration what will happen because the translation what will get absorbed from the roots to the highest and it will

as an offence against gravity Above and it will be in the different direction direction register matters of stomata present as I have an openly to as soon as it will be the me so what will happen because of me because the target pressure rise in the guard service centre results into the opening of the stomata as soon as I will open it will result in the exchange of the carbon dioxide and the health and carbon dioxide and oxygen how the plants will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere observe the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the carbon dioxide as used in the formation of the glucose as it will get it will be reached into the chloroplast over here and hence the chlorophyll that at present

ok this is the chloroplast in the chloroplast and chlorophyll is present in chlorophyll is present this chlorophyll is OK to type chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B that is present which helps in absorption of light and adoption of the light specially the red and blue light red and the blue light photo rate of photosynthesis in free and further story of the light reaction and the PS1 and PS2 photosystem 1 and photosystem 2 and this is how glucose molecule is found this is how a glucose molecule is found that is the base of the photosynthesis is the use of the stomata that is exchange of gases in photosynthesis is right and it will be done with the help of this from at the chlorophyll the chlorophyll result in the absorption site that is required for the photos that inspector

red and blue light why because photosystem 1 functions into the 700 NM of the light photo system to its function in the 680 NM NM of the night that is why we need with extreme spectra in life for the photos and while it will help in two ways first way is transpiration and secondly if S is not an activation of the PS1 and PS2 system

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