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Cell:the Unit Of Life


What is the outermost layer of...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What is the outermost layer of an animal cell?

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Text Solution

Solution : Plasma membrane.

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Chapter NameCell:the Unit Of Life
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students have a look at the question question is what is the outermost layer of an animal cell safalta talk about the animal cell The outermost layer present is the plasma membrane and plasma the plasma membrane is the outermost layer it is the outer design outermost layer between of the animal cell is the portion would have been the about the plants are then we can say that the plasma membrane with the right answer because in case of plant cell afl talk about the outermost membrane with the outermost layer would be the cell wall because in the Silver plant cell cell wall is also present but in animal cells cell wall is not present only the one membrane is present at the plasma it is there of animals at so it separates it is considered the physical barrier between it is a barrier physics

barrier between physical barrier between Internal side of the cells or we can save the cytoplasm and environment Tum feature of the table in picture like the plant cell outermost layer that is cell wall which is permeable it is it allows only certain molecule to pass through it it doesn't allow all the molecule it allows it allows only certain molecules to pass through it on a certain molecule that it is a semipermeable in nature

this time for me to the its chemical composition it consists of a repeat of a bilayer in which the hydrophobic head hair we will see the structure then we can better understand it consists of an be paid change show the Sharda structure this is the hydrophobic had that is known polar in sorry hydrophilic had that is Polar in nature here I am showing the this is the hydrophilic this is the hydrophilic tape padh bilayer structure their in between certain some proteins are present which has been transported

here we can say that the certain proteins which are being transported to this is this is a basic lipids structure this here we can see that it is the it is the hydrophilic had hydrophilic and which is a polar in nature hydrophilic head and the these are the hydrophobic tales that is not polar in nature due to this that's why it allows only the small to pass through it bipolar and charge molecule they need the help of certain proteins that is called as the integral proteins to pass through it due to this liquid while their structure it there this they are having the ability of semi permeable TN visa semi permeable nature in the question there was outermost layer of animal that we can see that that is the plasma membrane to get it thank you

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