what is 'saltation' according to de Vries ?


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Step by step video solution for what is 'saltation' according to de Vries ? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


question here is that what is saltation according to the D price right answer now so if we talk about the word saltation here right so it is a word that means the early life saltation here means be from latin word it means to live here rights according to give rise to what happen is this saltation means the single step large mutation it refers to the a single step change but that change would result in the large mutation arising suddenly which will arise very much is suddenly in an a population here right and we know that whenever there is a mutation in the population it will lead to the evolution right so the saltation refers to the single large
sure with the mutation arising suddenly in the population here now will see that what happen is there is eventually the sudden change from one generation to another due to this saltation there is the large because if there was one population and undergoes the mutation so there will be a large variation from one generation to the another generation and that will be very much big here right now this saltation is used to refer to the known gradual changes saltation represents the non gradual changes and here we talk about the single step speciation so this saltation is about
this single step changes that occur in an population here right from step by step that is what it is mean in a single step there is the very much larger mutation that happens in an population here and it is a non gradual change that movie from the one generation to the another generation Hair dry

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