What is not the incorrect sequence of prophase I of meiosis ?


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hello the question that is given over here is what is not the in correct sequence of trophies 1 of meiosis it is with the question again it is as does what is not the in correct sequence of Professor 1 of meiosis so the first option as leptotene marketing that contain Daya kinases and approaching and the second option is the bulletin left 210 part 3 zygotene Anda kinases and the third one is diakinesis leptotene zygotene and pattern and The Fourth option is leptotene zygotene pachytene diplotene and I am kinases that is always question latest understand what is pro vs 1 of meiosis division is the division that occurs during the gamut oogenesis process that is
it takes place only in the germ cells are the reproductive cells and this will take place in two stages one is one another one is the main to so here are speaking about 11 will be the first stage in speaking about the meiosis 1 all the meiotic division 1 so in that the professor will be the first one is one and after the prophets won the metaphase 1 after the metaphase 1 comes the anaphase 1 and the last 1 3 of space 1 sunao after the tale of phase 1 decimal again into the division 2 that is professor of meiosis 1
now and see what are the different stages of the proof is one only sapro Phase 1 has different pages like the first one is the leptotene and then comes the zygote and after zygote in comes the party and after party and comes the diplotene and the last one year after this and then the pattern and interpretation and analysis is given only in the last option so very clearly the last option is the right answer

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