Updated on:30/05/2023

What is immunisation?



we talk about this question and this question we ask that you what is immunisation rights basically immunization talk about immunization so simply it is a process write in which basically if if a microorganism enters our body if and harmful microorganisms right enters our body and causes infection right then in that case we are given in that case a body is given the vaccine write in that case body is given a vaccine which could be in the form of sample right or drops right or it could be in the form of injection right so the vaccine could be of oral vaccine or the injection
trip to the body is given the vaccines you are so that the body is protected rights that the body is protected against the illness right against the illness caused due to the infection by the microorganism that has entered in our body right supervisor ki immunization in simple way is the term where we provide immunity right we provide immunity or ability Audi ability to the body right ability to body to fight against disease right to fight against diseases right and that ability your immunity is provided in the form of vaccine
so this is the complete concept of immunization


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