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What is greenhouse effect and global warming ?


Text Solution

The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is responsible for heating of Earth.s surface and atmosphere due to increase in concentration of carbon dioxide and methane gas.
Clouds and gases reflect about one-fourth of the incoming solar radiation and absorb some of it but almost half of incoming solar radiation falls on Earth.s surface heating it, while a small proportion is reflected back.
 The surface of earth re-emits heat in the form of infrared radiation but part of this does not reflected back due to greenhouse gases that leads to heating of earth atmosphere.
Global warming is caused due to greenhouse effect.
Scientists believe that this rise in temperature is leading to harmful changes in the environment and resulting in odd climatic changes (e.g. El Nino effect), thus leading to increased melting of polar ice caps.
Global warming can be controlled by : (a) Cutting down use of fossil fuel (b) Improving efficiency of energy usage (c) Reducing deforestation (d) Planting tree (e) Slowing down the growth of human population.


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