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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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TMV has double stranded RNA molecule Most plant viruses are RNA virusesBacteriophage has a double stranded DNA molecle Most animal viruses are DNA viruses.

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hello everyone that has been about this question here and the question is what is false Sofia is we have to find the false statement out of given these four option first option we have tea MP has double stranded RNA molecule if we talked about the tmb so TMC is a stand for the tobacco mosaic virus with tobacco mosaic virus has the single stranded RNA as their genetic material as their genetic material right so because in the tmb genetic material present a single-stranded RNA and options is tmb has double stranded RNA molecule so the option first will be incorrect second option says more

plant viruses are any viruses this is the correct option because we know that the virus is that have viruses that have early as their genetic material these type of virus is known as the RNA virus and RNA viruses if we take example of RNA virus source all plant viruses all plant viruses Aarti RNA virus as example the tmb that is tobacco mosaic virus similarly the virus that has been DNA as genetic material this type of virus are known as the DNA virus DNA virus and the example of DNA virus

animal viruses DNA viruses are generally present in the animal viruses electric example is Pox virus Pox virus these are the animal virus viruses right so this is the idea about different types of viruses third statement is bacteria files has a double-stranded DNA molecule this is a game correct answer we know that bacteria fast is the viruses that infect the bacteria that affect the bacteria and they have the day has double stranded DNA as genetic material of this is the correct option the third option says most animal viruses are DNA viruses as I told you hear the animal viruses are DNA virus

false statements is false statement is option for that is PMP has double stranded RNA molecule this is the incorrect option so our answer will be option first that is 3M tmb tobacco mosaic virus has double stranded DNA double stranded RNA molecule this is the correct answer this remaining three options are incorrect thankyou

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