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Class 12






Reproduction In Organisms


What is external budding?...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What is external budding?

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Solution : Exogenous budding - Initially a small out growht of the parent's body develoops into a miniature individual. It then separates form the mother to lead a free life (e.g Hydra). This type of budding is recogised as exoge

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Chapter NameReproduction In Organisms
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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ok the question year says what is external recording ok notice external but now the budding button is a process where a small out bro this form and a new individual is budding is a type of first we can say it is a type of a sexual reproduction over Asexual Reproduction sexual reproduction there are two types of forces H and Ozone is farting and secondly we have exogenous we can say external portal what happens is exclusion is external cutting what happened a small how to growth is formed on the parents body outside OK it is it from the extended outgrowths

is point externally externally latest all externally out of the transport you can parents boarding so this happens what happens this outgrowth eventually develops this outgrowth eventually develops when it develops when she develops into miniature in division into a miniature individual individual now after developing into miniature individual what happens this a miniature individual separate

separate from the parent body separates from the parent body and leader free life lead a street lights oxygen is working but a small output of the sperm externally on the surface of the tenants body and later it develops into a miniature integration and again then after developing its separate from the parents for it to me the free life ok now this example this exhibition is button is basically found in our fitting samples are found in hydra they are found in hydra what we can see East so visit examples of our external

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