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What is double fertilisation? ...

Question : What is double fertilisation? Explain.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: What is double fertilisation? Explain.

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fashion here is that what is suitable for relization explain the process of the double fertilization it is known to be Complex process in which it is seen that that is the fusion between the one female gamete write one female gamete is involved and then there is the fusion with the right because if you normally see that we have only one one will give one male gamete and one female gamete but here we are talking body double fertilization in best we have the and female gamete and the two male gametes the a for the fusion pop it is the chief features of the flowering plant write the plants which produces flower the undergrowth is double fertilization here so what happened in this if you normally talk so we have the one male gamete hear it

NGOs and its uses with the egg and as a result of this it will lead to the formation of the years I've got your right hand in the double fertilization is saying that the another mail Unites with two polar nuclei for the formation of the endosperm here so we have to male gamete to the second male gamete it leads to the formation of the endosperm with the formation of the orbit diffusion of the two polar nuclei in the structure we have the two polar nuclei your subconscious with the egg on future to polar nucleus is this is what is double fertilization is now this is endosperm it is the nutritive tissue like this is the nutritive tissue which is required during the embryogenesis happens to the growth of the embryo here it is I got renewed the meeting nutrition for its growth and development and the endosperm

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QuestionWhat is double fertilisation? Explain.
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