Question : What is gene cloning?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: What is gene cloning?

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Text Solution

Solution :
To produce organisms of same genotype from a single parent by asexual reproduction.


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hello students the question here is what is gene cloning so basically gene cloning is the process of making multiple copies of the same gene multiple copies of the same gene are you to be used in the Recombinant DNA technology in this case the reaction which is used is called as polymerase Chain Reaction so this is used to make the multiple copies of the same gene 28 million aur million copies can be made million copies of this can be made the first step of this is denaturation with the two strands of DNA are separated at high temperature followed by the addition of the primers on the 5-10 on both the stands and then the extension that is the polymerization which takes place with the help of an enzyme which is called as taq polymerase which is a thermostable enzyme obtained from bacteria thermus aquaticus

so at the end after but few cycles we will have many copies of the same gene of interest for making multiple copies of the gene of interest is called as gene cloning and it is a very important step in case of Recombinant DNA technology so this is all for this query thank you

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