Question : What is cell division ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Cell division is a process in which a single parent cell divides into two daughter cells.


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hello what is the process by which device into into two or more toward it crosses into two or more of action which is mitosis

and near this type of cell division is equal distribution of equal distribution of genetic material to INR equal distribution of genetic material takes place than chlorine level level and mitosis during cell difference between Tortoise and Turtle aunty mother what if the ploidy level of cell

condition after mitotic division the ploidy level of daughters and will also be too and that's fine prints division is also known as equational division equational division is what is sperm production and if it means for during distribution the genetic material determination of genetic material take 1811 becomes how the ploidy level of daughter cell becomes han medicine

deployment of mother is 2 and then the ploidy level of daughters value will be come and that's why it is an Illusion and division is also known as

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QuestionWhat is cell division ?
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