Question : What is another name for early wood?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: What is another name for early wood?

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Solution :
Spring wood.


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hello everyone let's start the question the question says that what is another name of early bird to hear the portion is asking about the another name of early would the water early bird it is present in the annual ring of the tree know what is annual ring ring which are creating in Spring and summer season to count the age of the tree are having the contrast to that we can identify them in the three like this if this will be the tree trunk having a transverse section the outer one is a like this this is for early wood and then it is for late would again

happens wondering is for early wood are other names for late would like this red colour represent late would not let would they are the summer rain on the green colour is representing earlywood this is Spring wood is also known as springwood the early are creating themselves in Spring season they are springwoods to the other name of the early good will be springwood thank you

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QuestionWhat is another name for early wood?
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