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Animal Kingdom (General Accounts & Non-chordates)


What function is served by the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What function is served by the jointed appendages ni body of arthropods?


Text Solution

Solution : The jointed appendages permit good mobilityl. For example, a straight walking leg without joints will not provide good mobility while the leg with the joints will provide many dimensional activities. Hence jointed appendages allow the arthropods to perform various activities like grasping the objects, walking, running, etc.


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Chapter NameAnimal Kingdom (General Accounts & Non-chordates)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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questionnaire was that what is the function which is served by the jointed appendages in the body of the autobots you know if you talk about the Phylum Arthropoda so it is one of the largest Phylum of the all year and it mainly includes cm and if we talk about the body structure of the earth reports years their body is divided into two parts like we can see here the head Thorax and the abdomen right head Thorax and abdomen as you can see here this is the figure of the grasshopper here which is also belongs to which Phylum Arthropoda here and we can see we have head Thorax vision and then we have the abdomen and from the abdomen region there is the coming out the jointed Lancha ke talking Bharti jointed appendages know if you talk about their function here so we'll see the street walking legs

for example we talked about the straight legs your so this straight legs without the joints if we guess that we do not have any then alag would be fit your then we are not able to bend a separate then we do not have the good mobility here that is what the same case with the earth proposed here the jointed appendages give them the good mobility near by the characteristics feature which is the good mobility while the legs with the joints will provide them the dimensional activities like the earth propose the many insects sure they can Zombie activities like grafting right grafting can be done here then they could walk easily and they could also run but without the advantages without join that would be very difficult


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