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The Living World


What do you understand by taxo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: What do you understand by taxonomic hierarchy?

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Solution : The serialwise or orderly arrangement of taxonomic categories or rank is known as taxonomic hierarchy.

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Chapter NameThe Living World
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students will it start exploring the question so the question says what do you understand by taxonomic hierarchy the basically they have given as this term that is taxonomy hierarchy we have to explain it ok so let's start answering it's basically taxonomic hierarchy is a kind of process of arranging arranging various living organisms various living organisms in two successive levels in two successive levels of biological classification ok understand this term which have written CBSE click what is taxonomy hierarchy it is a kind of a letter in which we arrange various

living organism into various excessive levels like top bottom one OK then middle 12 this is how we are going to arrange various living organism according to this taxonomy hierarchy and if we talked about the taxonomic hierarchy the order they follow is on top most there is kingdom then below Kingdom it is Phylum then below Phylum it is class then below class it is order then below order it is family and then below family is genus and then below genus species speech is the bottom and kingdom is the topmost we can arrange in organism increasing or decreasing whichever manner we want to classify them but this order remains as it is kingdom Phylum class order family genus species this is the tectonic hair ki and these are the various level

on which we can classify the organ and these positions are known as the ranks which we give them these are known as what rank or positions in the taxonomic hierarchy table a doubt thank you

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