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Question : What do you understand by "hierarchy of categories"? Illustrate with examples.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: What do you understand by "hierarchy of categories"? Illustrate with examples.

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hello turant hai yaar question is what do you understand by the hierarchy of the categories illustrate with an example so first of all we need to discuss about what is reality of the category so of the categories or we can see that taxonomic hierarchy and what is the definition of taxonomic Hierarchy is that taxonomic hierarchy is the process of arranging it is the arrangement of arrangement of various organisms various organisms into the Juda sabse Save into 10 acche se level of the classification level of the biological classification

biological classification it means that is the or the arrangement of the various organisms into the successive level of the biological classification is called as radical of the categories and the taxonomic so now talked about the taxonomic categories so each step in the taxonomic hierarchy is called category so there are different types of categories in which we are writing with the starting with the kingdom is the highest tax after that Phylum after that after that order and after the order there is only after family

after family genus species we are taking example sunao discuss with the example shown that example is about the diagrams aur Panther Bihar taking example of the hair Panther show the kingdom for the Panther is the Kingdom is for the Panther it is the animal kingdom animalia Kingdom animalia any media Phylum chordata Phylum chordata classes

maliya and order age carnivora Karni Bora network this is Koliwada family family is ready and genus and species of the Panther is the panthera pardus Tantra Mantra for example of the I hope you understand thank you

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QuestionWhat do you understand by "hierarchy of categories"? Illustrate with examples.
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