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Write about the significance o...

Write about the significance of plant succession. 

Video Solution: Write about the significance of plant succession. 

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Significance of Plant Succession <br>  Succession is a dynamic process. Hence an ecologist can access and study the seral stages of a plant community found in a particular area. <br>  The knowledge of ecological succession helps to understand the controlled growth of one or more species in a forest. <br>  Utilizing the knowledge of succession, even dams can be protected by preventing siltation. <br>  It gives information about the techniques to be used during reforestation and afforestation. <br>  It helps in the maintenance of pastures. <br>  Plant succession helps to maintain species diversity in an ecosystem <br>  Patterns of diversity during succession are influenced by resource availability and disturbance by various factors. <br>  Primary succession involves the colonization of habitat of an area devoid of life. <br>  Secondary succession involves the re-establishment of a plant community in disturbed area or habitat. <br>  Forests and vegetation that we come across all over the world are the result of plant succession.


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QuestionWrite about the significance of plant succession. 
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