What are the important things that should be observed for a good crop yield?

Updated on:21/07/2023
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There are certain conditions which are very important for producing the good crop yield. Fertile and right kind of soil, seeds, water and protection of crops from weeds and pests as well as the use of proper implements and practices-all determine the quality and quantity of crop. A field or farm needs to be managed properly in order to get better yield. Farmers, therefore, must observe some important things which are listed below: (i) The field should be protected from stray cattle pests, insects and trespassers which may destroy the crop. (ii) The soil should be loosened and turned before sowing so that the plant roots can penetrate into it easily and are well ventilated. This helps in holding the plants firmly. Roots and tuber crop plants need loosened soil for proper growth. (iii) The right amount of water should be available. (iv) The soil should contain sufficient nutrients for the growth of the plants. (v) The unwanted plants such as weeds should be removed from the soil. These weeds compete with the main plants and deprive them from their nourishment

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