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Biotechnology : Principles And Processes


What are the different methods...

What are the different methods of contraception?

Video Solution: What are the different methods of contraception?

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : There are several methods of introducing the ligated DNA into recipient cells. Recipient cells after making them competent to receive, take up the DNA present in their surrounding. R-DNA can be forced into such cells by incubating the cells with r-DNA on ice followed by placing them briefly at `42^(@)C` (heat shock) and then putting them back onice. This enables the bacteria to take up the r-DNA. <br> In Micro-injection method, r-DNA is directly injected into the nucleus of an animal cell. In Bio listic or gene gun method - cells are bombarded with high velocity micro particles of gold or tungsten coated with DNA. <br> In another method, .Disarmed pathogen. vectors are used which when allowed to infect the cell, transfer the r-DNA into the host.


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QuestionWhat are the different methods of contraception?
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