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What are the differences between amphibians and reptiles?



we talked about this question and this question there are that what are the differences between amphibians and reptiles so if we discuss the differences between amphibians itween amphibians and reptiles right so the very first point of difference between both of them will be that impedance can live both on land and in water so amphibians are found both on land and water right then the reptiles they are item write the order 11 rule and right or they live in water and although but the amphibians can live in both the habitats right then the next point
differences because impedance can live both on land and water so for the breathing right for the breathing they have both large Tote it breathe through lungs right they either breathe through lungs or through gills right but in case of reptiles they breathe through lungs only so for the breathing reptiles only and only have lungs now the third point of difference is that the a tune not have skills over the body skills are absent over the body right where is in case of death
girls body is completely covered with body is covered with scales right now the fourth point of difference between them is the acts of the impedance right eggs of the amphibians do not write the previous two not have tough and heart covering around the right Where are Siva talk about the eggs laid by the reptiles they have heart covering right eggs have covering 10th last point of difference between both of them is that in case of MBBS in Philippines
requires water right for the filling the eggs and for the fertilization to take place in that sense we can say that a perform external fertilization write a performs external fertilization right now never discuss about the reptiles so in case of reptiles water is not necessary write water is not necessary for fertilization right for the fertilization accordingly we discuss the examples of both of them so the examples of amphibians of rocks right where is examples of reptiles are
snake crocodile


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