What are correct about synovial joint?
Ball and socket
Pivot joint
Hinge joint
Cartilaginous joint

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

1, 2, 3 correct
1, 2 correct
2, 4 correct
1, 3 correct
The correct Answer is A
(i) Ball and Socket Joint: Between humerus and pectoral girdle (shoulder Joint), Between femur and acetabulum of pelvic girdle (hip joint). Total 4 ball and socket joint present in human body—2: shoulder joint and 2 hip joint,
(ii) Hinge Joint: Knee joint, elbow joint (between humerus and ulna), ankle joint (between foot and leg), interphalangeal joint (between phalanges). Knee joint is the largest synovial joint of the body.
(iii) Pivot Joint: Between atlas and axis is called atlantoaxial joint. Between radius and ulna (radio-ulnar joint), just below the elbow.
(iv) Gliding Joint: Between the carpals (intercarpal joints), Intertarsal joints (between the tarsals of an kle).
(v) Saddle Joint: Between carpal and metacarpal of thumb (carpo-metacarpal joint of thumb).
(vi) Condyloid or ellipsoid Joint: Joint between the met acarpal and phalanges (metacarpophalangeal joint) of the fingers. (2nd answer Hinge) Radiocarpal joint.

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