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Question : Vegetative propagatation in Pistia is a

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Vegetative propagatation in Pistia is a

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Text Solution

Underground stemSubaerial stemUnderground rootAerial stem

Answer :


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hello everyone question hair vegetative propagation and procedure is a option one underground stem option to sub aerial stem option C underground root and option the area we have to find out about the bridge rate in propagation in that is completely underground like this area is like this part ok which is somewhere in the area underground room the part below the surface of soil of root and brown route Elite

and forth option here is a rheostat part of the stem that is above the surface area are kiske it has a cluster of leaves at any one point and the rules are grown from there on the part of the time ok and at a uniform distance from another browser and what we can see cluster of needs and group share it will go forward it just below the surface and

from the same is basically drive from this part is half area and half inside the surface that's why we can set up this goes to grow through sub area aerial stem and if we have to tell particularly about which method then we can say it goes with offset the answer will be option De

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QuestionVegetative propagatation in Pistia is a
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