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The Living World


Various taxonomic categories a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Various taxonomic categories are

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Text Solution

Mere morphological aggregatesDistinct biological entitiesInternational codes used for nomenclatureCollection of organisms on structural similarities only

Answer : B

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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Chapter NameThe Living World
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is the various taxonomic categories the army award political aggregate distinct biological entities International Court for the nomenclature of a collection of the organism structural similarity of classification right so with the text you hear or read and classify organisms here on the basis of the different ranks for the individual level which are known as the text so we have the lowest the species they form the lowest level of the taxonomic hierarchy and the Kingdom form C height weight and Aisi move up your there will be the more differences and similarities to the species stage show the most similarity level rather than the kingdom so the IIT level it is known as the test and they are distinct biological entities that means that it

of the others here suspicious is entirely different genius is entirely different families Idli different animals they are placed on the basis of their features a tight fit talk about the kingdom we have the kingdom animalia and classify the animals into one and plants into one file I'm here we have Phylum chordata non chordates this is how we are there in child different from the previous one here and there acting as a distinct biological entities having the value and information on their own their international code for the government has only genus and species that the collection of organisms know the year award political aggregates know they also consider the internal factors also

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