Unlike eukaryotic cells, prokaryotic cells :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

lack a plasma membrane
do not have a nucleus
have RNA, not DNA
all of the above
The correct Answer is B


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hello precaution is unlike you can you take cell prokaryotic cells option 100000 a plasma membrane option to do not have a nuclear option 3 have no DNA and option 4 Students you cannot Excel if we talk about eukaryote Eukaryotic cells have membrane bound organelles ok they have membrane bound organelles then they have a true nucleus we have a true nucleus ok Eukaryotic cells so prokaryotic cells do not have a tree nucleus
ok do not have a true nucleus do not have a ok the karyotic cells have a nuclear avoid reason ok nucleoid reason we are the chromosome Life OK so if you talk about the options the PCR option and like Eukaryotic cells prokaryotic cells lack a plasma membrane this is incorrect do not have a nucleus is correct have are not DNA is also incorrect because this position as well as in order and is also incorrect correct option is do not have a nucleus answered your question thank you

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