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Class 12






Neural Control And Coordination


Unidirectional transmission of...

Unidirectional transmission of nerve impulse is maintained by

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Unidirectional transmission of nerve impulse is maintained by


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Synapses GraymatterMyelin sheathMembrane polarity

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Unidirectional transmission of nerve impulse is maintained by
Chapter NameNeural Control And Coordination
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is that the unidirectional transmission of nerve impulse is maintained by the synopsis cream after mylan sheet of the membrane polarity here right answer now if you look at the structure of the neurone here and have the presence of the dendrites it has a cell body with the nucleus present it has a long road like structure which is known as exam on here and it's all there ending in the terminal synapses here so the rule of the unidirectional transmission of nerve impulse it is maintained with the help of the sinuses of which are present at the terminal end of the neurone here to neurone is the functional unit of The Nervous System here and it is associated with the conduction of nerve impulse to the site of action now how this nerve impulse is generated and it is moved whenever the stimulus

it is generated student rights are the one which first received the signal right and the signal is causing the electric membrane potential of the neurone to change your ok and then it moves down here to examine hello and then it reaches the synapse yeah ok not this is the structure of the synapse that how between the two neurones the signal is past year so what happens from the synapse the signal is transferred to the dendrites of the next neurone here but not the synapse so from synapse to the dendrites is the conduction synapse to the dendrites of the next neurone is how the nerve impulse it moves so what happen if if you look at this diagram Kyon Surya techzone Alexander terminal and has the presence of the synapse yet not like structures and in the synapse we have the neurotransmitter inside

Jessica Wright neurotransmitters they are the Chemicals here which when secreted will release the conduction of the signal here right to whenever there is the increase in the calcium level in the synapse your Sudheesh vesicles Dekho and collide with the membrane and with the collision they released a neurotransmitter into the cleft here to this is the synaptic cleft between the postsynaptic membrane and the presynaptic membrane this is presynaptic membrane and this is post ok between space is the cleft here now the neurotransmitter there any sign up Tech left ear they will go and they will bind to the receptors on the postsynaptic membrane and with the binding they will cause the depolarization of the postsynaptic membrane here depolarization will occur and they would be the exciting depolarization and exciting and of course in the postsynaptic membrane and it

rights they are activated and now they will follow the same technique that from the dendrites the signal will move down to the Exxon and then to synapse and then to the next 10 right here to this is how the synapse they are involved in the unidirectional transmission that means from the synapse the signal cannot move back it will move in the One Direction only date from synapse to the dendrites


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