Question : Type of feeding in Earthworm is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Type of feeding in Earthworm is

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fluid feedingfilter feeding detritus feedingtentacle

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hello student year question type of feeding in the earthworm is often first is lowered feeding second one is filter feeding third one is detritus feeding tentacle this question is about the which type of feeding earthworm so as we know that earthworm is omnivorous animal what is the meaning of omniverse omniverse means animals that could on the that feed on the bed organic material organic material so of the omnivorous which can which we done the organ material and this type of animal are called as

CD that right answer is interesting but it to discuss about the all the three options which is what is the meaning of breed feeding feeding liquid it is the type of feeding which animals which a used as food material material is used as it is not the case of the filter feeding animals which lives on in the underwater used as the filter feeding to underwater animal underwater animals

that is not for the atom because earthworm live in the director or land area and last one is the protection that I hope you understand this solution thank you

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QuestionType of feeding in Earthworm is
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