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Class 12






Respiration In Plants


Two pairs of electrons passing...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Two pairs of electrons passing from NADH molecules to oxygen generate

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Text Solution

(a) 3 ATP(b) 4 ATP(c) 6 ATP(d) 2 ATP

Answer : C

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Chapter NameRespiration In Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Text - English
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the question papers to pure of electrons from anything else molecule to oxygen generate social care talking about electron transport chain which produces social how to membrane of this is the inner membrane of Mitochondria and this is a critical goes on which produces its affiliates are the electron Carriers which goes to these complexes these are the major 5 complexes with his first visit second Hote present this electric careers

go to this first and second complexes respectively and the transfer the electrons so for each pair of electrons like 21 and Yash molecule it give one pair of electron pair of electrons and about painting protons they are found from Matrix to the outside of the membrane this is the intermembrane space scientist when the electron carrier transport the electrons to this Complex presenting inner membrane of termination of protons here because one pair of electron jumps out of protons from

Matrix to outside protons inside again and proton Proton generate one molecule of ATP because this is organic phosphate uses a Proton which forms with the help of enzyme Complex which contains this enzyme which helps us to process the protons they come again from inner membrane

question of two pairs of electrons from any days molecules to pair so we're talking about two molecules of one nad83 dance David pump out six Proton Proton ticket but out and again returned to the matrix help of instances producing it because each Proton generate 18 so we have a answer which st6 it is a correct answer

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