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Two organisms are presents in ...

Two organisms are presents in the same class but not in the same family. They may belong to same

Video Solution: Two organisms are presents in the same class but not in the same family. They may belong to same

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Species GenusPopulationorder

Answer : D


Step by step video solution for Two organisms are presents in the same class but not in the same family. They may belong to same by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionTwo organisms are presents in the same class but not in the same family. They may belong to same
Chapter NameOrganisms And Populations
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hello everyone so the question here is that two organisms they are present in the same class but now they are not present in the same family they may belong to the same species genus population or order right so we basically need to know hear the taxonomic classification of organism so when we study the taxonomic of the biological classification of organism so we have certain hierarchy levels on which the organisms they are divided into different categories so what are the different classes at the top we have the kingdom right after the kingdom we have the division or the Phylum division is used in plants Phylum is used in animals basic division division is the subcategory of the kingdom only in the plant and Phylum is used otherwise in either of the things we have five kingdom 2008 the five kingdoms we have subcategories also which are known as the divisions in the in one Kingdom

Plant kingdom and only and the other four kingdoms they have the sub categories which we called for which we called Phylum right then after the every have Kingdom when we have division then division of phylum then we have the class then after class we have the order then family and then genus and after the genus last is the species this is the order was the organism it is placed in the kingdom like which Kingdom it belong then the kingdom also which for the division it belongs in the features available then the division's we have subclasses when in which class does it belong it is kept in that particular class and then the classes we have certain orders in that particular order that organism is kept according to the features it shows that the family that genus and species as well so the question they are saying is that

two organisms are there and they are present in the in the same class as they have the same class as we have the classes same and but they do not belong to the same family they have different families family is a different family is different but the class it is same so it may belong to the media Khatam is order some basically in the kingdom there is a certain division in which theatre is certain class in which two organisms are placed one is a organism other is be organism and letters a in that particular class we have some orders that we have in the class let us say this is a class write and in this class we have three categories we have three categories X Y Z and these categories of categories are the

order right order and Intex order we have two letters a p and q here we have one only that is are here we have again to that is Smt latest zoom this thing this level is what this order this level is of the family so the organism and be they belong to X class A and B they both belong to this class a also belong here and we also belong here only in the class X so we got your the same class now they are saying that they belong to the different families right they belong to the different families here we have the family levels so latest a is present in family a it's classes same the for the divisions on for the division v we have a class letter se m m is the name of the class so A and B

they all belong to class M but in the class and they are present in family P is present in family p and b is present in family cue right and what could be the probability that they may be present in which of the same category that is the order is same here we can order the same but family is different classes team so they have the same order right they belong to the same order correct answer is opportunity thank you