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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello student the question here says that the Turner syndrome is represented by which of the following while the sea the Turner syndrome is a type of a syndrome where there is monosomy of the sex chromosome now that means the chromosome they should have been to the museum will be presented in a but they are not present in there is only one so that means there will be 22 pairs of autosomes along with only one x chromosome that is X and there is no other sex chromosome along with this this occurs in case of female and this is due to the Knot is function of X chromosome during the cell division that is the gamete formation other gametogenesis in this process both X chromosome must have moved into some other cell right so this is not efficient of One X chromosome so here this will be 44 + X not

compliment of the individual while in the gamut from IP 22 + 0 so when such as EG fuses with a normal sperm having 22 + X chromosome this is going to result in this complement right to Turner syndrome these are mostly females but they are still ise email they have Undertaker breast and uterus underdeveloped breast and uterus and they are we cannot produce still look now other feature of this will be that there will be Puffy fingers short stage show that is why it is less than 5 feet and abnormal intelligence will be there then they cannot Main Street or bleed for such a type of a syndrome is represented by the X not comment X not is the option that is optional but with the right answer this question we talking about the option number 1 this is the super male right having to Y chromosome this is a super mail while xx

why is also a super Mel x x y is a cleaner filter syndrome this is due to the effect is while we see that x y y complement does not occur in nature It does not occur in nature on the similar lines if we see the 44 + why not complement is also unviable this pregnancy does not stay so such individuals are absent in nature and mark only option number to the right answer this question this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionTurner's syndrome is represented by
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