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Tricarpellary, syncarpous gynoecium with superior ovary and axile placentation is found in


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Asparagus and Tulip
Chilli and Tomato
Trifolium and Sesbania
Lupin and Brinjal


high on welcome to document today we will see the following question is tricarpellary syncarpous gynoecium with superior and accent placentation is found in so what do you mean by tricarpellary this is a floral structure floral characteristic that is flower has three carpels 3 copper copper Sa part of female reproductive part what does syncarpous Mele sync means refused to that means all the three carpels are used together gynoecium ok next term given is superior ovary superior ovary means the floral structure that is
Petal and entry fee structure below below the ovary ovary is superior to everybody else this is superior last is axile placentation so axile placentation placentation is arrangement of Pleasant are in the ovary so axile placentation is when use are bone are at or around the centre around the centre of a compound of a compound ovary so how will it look is so if I take this to be the transverse
section that will be certain section there are certain lock inside this you will find the sea so the green coloured structures are see this is axile placentation so this kind of characteristics in flower are seen in organisms of plants belonging to a group called family liliaceae sote belong to family liliaceae now coming examples under family liliaceae it includes aloe vera aliens Appa that is the that is an alien ok other examples include
include tulips Lily Lily I'm just as well as vegetables like as so coming to options given so it is found in religious example was asparagus and tulle so correct answer 30 1 thank you


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