Question : Differentiate between: <br> Transpiration and Evaporation.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between: Transpiration and Evaporation.

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Transpiration is loss of water vapours from the plant surface. It is partly physical and partly vital process and is governed by both environmental and internal factors. On the other hand, evaporation is loss of water from any wet surface in the form of vapours. It is strictly a physical phenomenon and is governed by physical factors such as relative humidity, atmospheric humidity, etc.


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hello everyone questions to ask a win over your S between transpiration and evaporation latest make two columns on the left will take transpiration and on the right will take evaporation to the first point of difference is transpiration is a biological process and evaporation is a physical process transpiration occurs in living tissues evaporation involves non living matter in the process of transpiration the water is lost from plant cells and in the process of evaporation water is lost from the surface of plant transpiration

through stomata or lenticel evaporation occurs from the entire outer surface face transpiration is regulated by the temperature pH light concentration hormone and carbon dioxide where is there is no such regulations or control over evaporation the surface remains wet after transpiration where is the surface becomes dry after evaporation and transpiration helps in take of minerals and nutrients there is no Association of

take of vitamins and minerals with evaporation and transpiration is controlled by a smotec potential and water potential evaporation is independent of all these processes transpiration makes a surface of leaves and young stems with and protects them from Sunburn where is evaporation provides dryness to the free surface so these are few points of differences between transpiration and evaporation thank you

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QuestionDifferentiate between: <br> Transpiration and Evaporation.
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