To which classes do the following animals belong? A-Petromyzon, B-Scoliodon, C-Pristis


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

a) A-Cyclostomate, B-Chondrichthyes, C-Chondrichthyes
b) A-Osteichthyes, B-Chondrichthyes, C-Chondrichthyes
c) A-Oseichthyes, B-Chondrichthyes, C-Osteichthyes
d) A-Osteichthyes, B-Chondrichthyes, C-Cyclostomata
The correct Answer is A
Petromyzon (Lamprey) is an example of Class Cyclostomata. Scoliodon (Dog fish) and Paristis (Saw fish) are examples of Class Chodrichthyes.


Step by step video & text solution for To which classes do the following animals belong? A-Petromyzon, B-Scoliodon, C-Pristis by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


the question is to which classes do the following animals belong to their given three animals animal is petromyzon B is call you done and C is pretty severe given with three animals and we have to tell about the classes of these animals so firstly all these three animals they are under the Phylum chordata so if we talk about their classification so they are under phylum coordinator and food they belong to the subphylum vertebrata of this so it belongs to subphylum vertebrata and furthermore if we classify vertebrata in two divisions are there are two divisions in the vertebrate are there are two divisions first is egnater that is
the animals that does not weird George so these are the animals that lacks job in the second is methods to matter that are having George also gnathostomata so this was the division super these divisions are divided into two classes of the class under Ek Neta is cyclostomata it is under Eknath that is cyclone stomata under gnathostomata there are two superclasses there are firstly there are superclasses that for the divided into classes super classes are Pisces that is the animals that bear feels So Pisces basically the fishes that bear fence and S is Patra Poda the animals that bear lives like case we have forelimb
and handling so that is second is tetrapoda in pass is there two classes that is chondrichthyes and osteichthyes so they have chondrichthyes class and stitching classes osteichthyes whereas in case of tetrapolar that is the animal that bear fince they have 4 for the classes so these are amphibia that is the amphibians and then reptile reptiles and then is a visit a birds and then is main mein liya that bears memory clan so then is memory that bears memory memory glands these are the these are the super classes and another stomata and further these are the classes of these are the classes under superclass gnathostomata Singh question we asked about
the classes of those organisms so firstly we talk about petromyzon this is the animal that wears job that does not wear Joseph does it comes under cyclostomata to the class of a that is petromyzon is cyclostomata it is stomata NB is call you done it belongs to class chondrichthyes under the superclass Pisces so this is the class of scoliodon it belongs to class chondrichthyes class of be that is call you done is country thighs swiffer come to option Sia the animal see it is prestigious prestigious is also belonging to class chondrichthyes of the class of prestigious is also contract thighs sunao the class of a cyclist
am 20 conductors and she's also conduct ise so now we come to options option A says that a is cyclostomata ISI closed stomata that is correct we're just discussed 20 conductor is 20 chondrichthyes and she is also conduct IC is also conducted does this is the correct option so now we consider option 2 option B is it is osteichthyes know this is an incorrect option because a is cyclostomata sunao she says that is ostrich thighs again this is incorrect because a is cyclone stomata nobody sees that again is ostracize again this season in correct option correct option was option that is a cyclist am petromyzon Sky close to matter be call you can contact eyes
see this is also contact hai so this is our correct option

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