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Class 12






Chemical Coordination And Regulation


Thymus gland is related to ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Thymus gland is related to

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`Na^(+) K^(+)` balanceImmune systemGlucose level `Ca^(2+)` level

Answer : B

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Chapter NameChemical Coordination And Regulation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the questionnaires says that time was gland is related to the options are Sodium Potassium balance immune system Glucose level or calcium level first for what is thymus gland it is a lobular gland which is present near the heart particular lead is present on the dorsal side of the heart of thymus gland right and this gland it has lymphoid tissue as well as it produces a hormone called as thymosin it produces a hormone which is called as thymosin now both these things they have a role in the maturation of the t-cell the aid of the help in the maturation of t cells

could have a role to play in the cell mediated immunity also they also help in the production of antibodies may also affect the overall we can say that the thymus gland is necessary for the immune system of the body it is necessary to maintain the immunity and one of the feature of this gland is that the size of the gland it degenerate with age therefore it is very common to see that older people they have weak immunity because the size of thymus gland degenerates with age and therefore it activity also becomes less so that is the reason and it is involved with the immunity or immune system of the human body is therefore the right answer becomes option

that is thymus gland is related to immune system all the options would be wrong for Glucose level the hormones are produced by the pancreas in this is wrong calcium level is maintained by the thyroid gland hormone and parathyroid hormone this would also be wrong Sodium Potassium balance is mainly maintain it quite so this would also be wrong the right answer therefore is option B

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