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The water from the digested fo...

Question : The water from the digested food is mainly absorbed by:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: The water from the digested food is mainly absorbed by:

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Text Solution

Rectum Stomach Colon Duodenum

Answer :


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hello everyone today we are going to see the following question is the water from digested food is mainly absorbed by so we have option that is rectum rectum function is it stores undigested food and digested food for short period of time short time later it will be thrown out of the body so rectum is not our answer is stop stomach site for digestion for digestion of of protein mainly only digestion Suno absorption system is wrong next schoolon schoolon is part of

a part of large intestine intestine and its main function is absorption of water absorption of water and certain from the foot Dua Dinam Dinam is part of small intestine it is site for digestion site for digestion of all three main nutrients that is Carbohydrate protein and sodyo Dinam is not the answer so correct answer is call on thank you

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QuestionThe water from the digested food is mainly absorbed by:
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