The water cavity present in the xylem of maize stem vascular bundles is


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hello students the question here says that what a cavity which is present in the xylem of the Maize stem vascular bundles sofa thing is less understand the question is that in the made them the vascular bundles that is the xylem part of it has got a water cavity what type of water cavity is that let understand the types of water cavities one by one the first type which is written here is the size of genus cavity Soch crisis is type of cavity is basically formed by enlargement of intercellular spaces intercellular spaces or separation of the cells so there are many cells when they get separated they rise of formation of cavity in between this type of cavity is called as
to sinus cavity example of this is oil duct of sunflower right so this is certainly not the answer for the maze because this type of cavity is not present in the maze then this is hydrolytic cavities hydrolytic is none of these two classification of the water cavity is a hydrolytic cavity so the third one let's see the lysigenous fund lysigenous is formed by forces as the virtual I see it needs a life of the shelf of the degeneration of sets them many cells present some of the cells will be generate and then they will form a water filled fluid cavity that so this is present in the oil cavity of the citrus so this is also certainly not the right answer will be come on to the shizo lysigenous this type of cavity
is partly formed by the separation of the self and partly formed by the degeneration of cells so it is formed by separation as well as the generation of cells and this is the example of cavity which is present in the stem of the maze Sobi find out here right that the choice number 4 becomes a right option for this question because in this case this cavity is called as the protons xylem cavity of the water cavity supro to xylem or the water cavity which is of the shares Elisa genus type this is all for this query thank you

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