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Animal Kingdom - Phylum Chordata


The venom of Viper affects on...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The venom of Viper affects on

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circulatory system digestive system excretory systemnervous system

Answer : A

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Chapter NameAnimal Kingdom - Phylum Chordata
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students in this question we need to know that the Venom of the viper which is secreted by the venomous glands of the viper which system does it affect selecting the answer for this question in this case the master that the snake venom which are very common Around The World So the snake venom can be classified according to the effect that produced the first type is called as the hemotoxic once these type of Venice will affect the blood circulatory system while the second type is the neurotoxic that is affecting mainly the central nervous system so it is a neurotoxic type of a Venom while the third one is the cytotoxic type of venom which affects the tissues of the body is it is damages that so when we talk about the Viper snake your the Viper snake is commonly having that they have to toxins in which are capable of the hemotoxic effect

so that doesn't mean that all the wipers will have the hemotoxic effect to some of mass some of the wipers may have the neurotoxic effects also while I give you another example here is another example which is of the 11 November talk about elapids these are under this day will be cobras also there are other type that is the Coral snake switch are you know existing in this type of the family celebrity so in this case we can say that Jammu ki haway ka neurotoxic side of an asset while at the same time I must specify here that most of the snakes you know they having multi functional genomics of poisons and all rights in this case if I see that it is neurotoxic that doesn't mean that all of the electrons will have the neurotoxic effect only some

of the Mighty hemotoxic what we need to find out the best answer from this question we must say that wipers are those types of snakes switch from belong to family by Brady and this also have the Rattlesnake adders right interest the same group that is the family were pretty so in this case the hemotoxic asset is the most common type of a discourse that means the circulatory system is a right answer for this question while at the same time we must see that in the hemotoxic effects what are the different types of disorders which are called it may be like the blood pressure disorders that may be with the clotting factor disorders the clotting disorders may be there then that may interfere with the function of the platelets they may be bleeding episodes underscore because

hemorrhage also so these are some of the effects which are caused by the terms which are secreted by this Viper snake so here we can see that these all these effects are basically related to the hemotoxic consequences rights so that choice number one becomes the right option for this question that is the circulatory system this is all for this very thank you

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