Question : The uniqueness in Archaebacteria is the presence of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: The uniqueness in Archaebacteria is the presence of

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peptidoglycan rich cell wallether linked long branched alcohols bound to glycerolboth statements are correct.nuclear membrane

Answer :


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Hello children latest find the solution for this question question says the uniqueness in RK Bacteria is a presence of other asking the presence that means what is uniquely present in this first will say that whenever we say RK bacteria it it is a special kind of bacteria which is usually small in shape it is it is single celled single said it lacks a well defined Nucleus software defined nucleus not present or we can say absent very define nucleus absent besides this when we talk about their cell wall their cell wall is lacking the peptidoglycan ok they do not have the 50 don't like in rich selvas

Chand in correct and when we say well defined nucleus is absent for nuclear membrane is not is there that also goes in correct then one more option is given both statements are correct that means these two are correct but see if the above one is incorrect automatically by a third one is also it correct to the correct answer will be this one third link the long branch alcohol bound to glycerol this is a kind of special this is the kind of special feature that is exhibited by them and all are ke bacterias are the organisms weekend which in survive in unusual and usual Habitat that meet our other bacteria cannot survive their archaebacteria can survive area is what it is a presence of ether Ling long branch alcohol present to glycerol also one more thing now there

cell wall with peptidoglycan but in some of them there is also the presence of protein Asia cell wall protein Asia cell wall ok so I hope this answer your question thank you

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QuestionThe uniqueness in Archaebacteria is the presence of
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